Party with Purpose | June, 2022

""We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what" we give". -Winston Churchill.

Hello everyone - welcome to my blog! This one is a very special one because I will be sharing all about the ‘party with a purpose’ I hosted last week, mi cumpleaños!

Running a fundraiser for your birthday can have a significant impact by mobilizing your friends and family to donate to charities. It might even encourage them to continue contributing effectively in the future.

Let me start by saying "Thank you!"

One afternoon talking to myself (yes - I do this a lot), I reminded myself that celebrating life is not just about one special day, or about the party, or the gifts we receive, etc...It is about celebrating life every day! Every day new roads open up for better and greater opportunities. Each day is a day where we continue to have new chances to "laugh, learn, and love". -- this is why I chose to celebrate life in a different way this year.

Have fun... while giving back!

The party with purpose started with the idea to celebrate the love and connection I have for three nonprofit organizations that are very close to my heart: The Tom Ramsey Foundation, Maestro Cares, and Echo4Us. I also wanted for all my friends to learn and get involved in the amazing job these nonprofits do.

Check the video here:


The Tom Ramsey Foundation

The Tom Ramsey Foundation is committed to building bridges between individuals, businesses, and community organizations, who in collaboration, will stand in the gap for those we are called to serve.

For more information and support, please visit:

Maestro Cares Foundation:

Maestro Cares Foundation improves the quality of life of disadvantaged children and communities in Latin America and the United States. We do so by providing housing, educational programming, and the essential resources to support their growth and development. Through our efforts, we’re strengthening communities and helping children become tomorrow’s leaders.

For more information and support, please visit:


Echo4Us wants all girls to realize that they can lead, are smart, and can pursue their dreams by creating programs that are just for girls, providing a safe space for them to explore themselves in a nurturing and supportive environment surrounded by other girls that are doing the same.

For more information and support, please visit:


Party with Purpose was fun and a tangible way to support three amazing non-profit organizations dearest to my heart. I'm thrilled to share with all of you that I was able to accomplish $9,600 - the money was collected from the Silent Auctions items that benefited only The Tom Ramsey Foundation and the total of tickets sold were distributed to the three non-profits mentioned above.


Agradecimientos especiales a Tatiana Ortiz, mi amiga y party planner de @Tevents por todo el apoyo, planeacion y ejecucion de esta fiesta, GRACIAS.

A mis queridas amigas: Naty, Adriana, Bea y todas las que me siguen, apoyan y son el empujón de cada idea, y locura, GRACIAS -- ustedes hacen que mi corazon sueñe y sonria!

A mi querido Tom Ramsey, por abrir las puedas de su fundacion y hacerme parte del equipo de The Tom Ramsey Foundation, GRACIAS.

A todos los que llegaron a la celebracion, compraron su ticket y compartieron conmigo una hermosa noche, GRACIAS! Tambien a los que no pudieron asistir pero aun asi enviaron su donacion, GRACIAS!

A las personas que donaron al Silent Auction, GRACIAS!

...y a todos ustedes que leyeron este blog hasta el final y van a darle apoyo a las nonprofits mencionadas arriba, GRACIAS!

Fue simplemente magico.